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Asphalt Shingle Replacement Benefits

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for roof replacement due to their cost-effectiveness and durability. Asphalt shingle replacement offers numerous benefits, such as improved aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, enhanced weather protection, and decreased maintenance costs. Next Day Construction and Roofing is an experienced asphalt shingle replacement contractor serving both Michigan and Indiana. This article will provide an overview of the advantages offered by Next Day Construction and Roofing’s asphalt shingle replacement services in these two states.

The primary benefit that sets Next Day Construction and Roofing apart from its competition is rapid turnaround time on projects. The company employs skilled professionals who specialize in carrying out efficient asphalt shingle installation with little disruption or delays. In addition, the firm utilizes specialized equipment which allows them to complete jobs quickly without compromising quality or safety standards. Furthermore, all installations come with warranties for up to 25 years depending on the type of material used during construction.

Finally, customers can rest assured knowing that they will receive superior customer service throughout the entire process from start to finish regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial project. From free estimates to follow-up inspections after completion of work, Next Day Construction and Roofing strives to ensure that clients are satisfied with every aspect of their experience with the company.

Overview Of Services

Next Day Construction and Roofing provides high quality asphalt shingle replacement services for the Michigan and Indiana regions. Our professional team is experienced in all aspects of shingle replacement, from installation to clean up. We offer a variety of warranties that cover labor and materials used for our construction services as well as roofing services.

We strive to provide customer satisfaction with each job we do by using only the best material available on the market today. All products are inspected before being installed to ensure they meet industry standards of quality, durability, and longevity. Furthermore, Next Day Construction and Roofing offers competitive prices without compromising on service or quality – providing customers with value for their money.

Advantages Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles provide many advantages for homeowners in Michigan and Indiana. Asphalt shingle replacement is a popular choice due to its cost effectiveness, durability, energy efficiency benefits, weather protection, and aesthetic appeal.

Below are five of the most significant advantages that asphalt shingle roof replacement provides:

  • Durability Benefits: Asphalt shingles have an average lifespan of 20 years or more when properly installed. This means that replacing your roof with asphalt shingles will ensure long lasting protection from inclement weather conditions and pests.
  • Energy Efficiency Benefits: Asphalt shingles come in a variety of colors which can help reduce cooling costs by reflecting sunlight away from your home. Additionally, they offer insulation which helps keep your home cooler during hot summer days and warm during cold winter nights.
  • Weather Protection: Asphalt shingles are designed to protect against wind damage as well as hail and other debris such as leaves and branches while still maintaining their integrity over time. They also resist mold growth due to their water resistance capabilities.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: With an array of color options, you can choose asphalt shingles that best match the exterior style of your home for added curb appeal without compromising on quality or performance.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Compared to other materials used in residential roof replacement projects, asphalt shingles tend to be among the most affordable yet durable option available today – making them a great solution for those looking for maximum value out of their investment.

These wide range of advantages make it easy to understand why so many homeowners opt for asphalt shingle replacement when considering construction and roofing projects in Michigan and Indiana. The next section covers different types of shingle replacements available depending on budget constraints and homeowner needs.

Types Of Shingle Replacement Options

Asphalt shingle replacement is a popular and cost-effective roofing solution. Homeowners have many varieties of asphalt shingles to choose from when replacing their roof. GAF Shingles are one of the most common types, featuring enhanced durability and strength with an attractive design that will last for years. Certainteed Shingles offer superior quality protection in a variety of styles and colors, making them great options for both residential and commercial roofs. Architectural Shingles are another option as they provide extra layers of protection against wind damage, UV rays, and extreme weather conditions. 3-Tab Shingles are a more economical choice compared to other types of asphalt shingles, but lack the added benefits such as increased longevity or additional aesthetic value. Whatever type of asphalt shingle replacement you decide on, it’s important to consider how it will look along with its performance over time prior to selecting the right choice for your home’s roof.
Cost considerations must also be taken into account when deciding on different asphalt shingle replacement options.

Cost Considerations

Replacing asphalt shingles on a roof can be an expensive endeavor, but the benefits often outweigh the costs. When considering the cost of replacement, homeowners should factor in both material and labor expenses. The following table provides general estimates for installing new asphalt shingles:

Type Cost of Shingles Cost of Labor
Three Tab $80 – $90 per square
(100 sq ft)
$50 – $75 per hour
or $400-$600 total
Architectural/Laminated $150+ per square
(100 sq ft)
$65 – $125 per hour
or $650-1,250 total

The cost of materials will depend on the type and style of shingle chosen as well as the size of the roof. Generally speaking, three tab asphalt shingles are more economical than architectural or laminate style shingles. It is also important to consider any additional products that may be needed such as underlayment or flashing tape. Labor costs vary depending upon contractor rates and project complexity; however it typically ranges from approximately five to seven dollars per square foot installed. Homeowners should research contractors thoroughly before selecting one to make sure they receive competitive pricing and quality workmanship. Professional installation is critical since improper techniques can lead to costly repairs in the future due to water intrusion and other issues caused by poor craftsmanship.

Professional Installation Process

At Next Day Construction and Roofing, our professional roof installation process is designed to ensure that your asphalt shingle replacement project is completed quickly and efficiently. We employ experienced roofers who are knowledgeable in all aspects of replacing asphalt shingles. Our team follows a comprehensive set of steps for every roof replacement job we do, beginning with a thorough inspection of the existing roof deck materials. After identifying any areas needing repair or replacement, we will then begin tearing off old shingles and carefully removing nails from the roof before installing new underlayment layers.
Once this preparation work has been done, our installers will lay down new shingles according to manufacturer guidelines and seal them into place with weatherproof coating. The final step involves checking the entire area around the edges to make sure everything looks secure and no gaps exist between pieces. With each one of these essential steps accomplished correctly, you can be assured that your newly installed asphalt shingle roof will stand up well against wind damage, hail storms and other environmental elements over time. To further protect your investment, Next Day Construction and Roofing offers warranty protection on all roofs we install.

Warranty Protection

Asphalt shingle replacement is a wise investment for any homeowner. With the installation of new roofing materials, there are numerous benefits including improved protection from the elements and increased curb appeal. In addition to these advantages, asphalt shingle warranty coverage can provide additional peace of mind knowing that if an issue arises with your roof, you have protection in place.

When considering roofing material options such as metal or wood shakes, asphalt shingles offer extended warranties up to 25 years. This makes them one of the most reliable choices on the market today when it comes to protecting your home and its contents. The length of time covered by a shingle’s warranty varies depending on the manufacturer and product type; however, all warranties typically cover defects in workmanship or materials that cause leaks during their period of coverage. Additionally, some major manufacturers even offer lifetime warranties which protect against manufacturing defects for as long as the original owner owns the house.

Homeowners should look into purchasing extra roofing protection, like insurance or maintenance plans, to supplement the coverage provided by their shingle’s warranty. By doing so they will be able to ensure maximum security for their property and enjoy greater peace of mind regarding potential repair costs down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Asphalt Shingles Environmentally Friendly?

Asphalt shingles are a common roofing material used in the construction of residential homes. While they provide many benefits such as affordability and durability, it is important to consider their environmental impact when making decisions about roofing materials. Asphalt shingles can be made from either recycled or new materials, but both still have an impact on the environment.

There are several alternatives that may be more environmentally friendly than asphalt shingles. Metal roofs are durable and offer good insulation values while also being recyclable at the end of its life cycle. Clay tiles are another option that provides good insulation and reflects heat rather than absorbing it like asphalt does. Solar panel roof systems offer energy efficient options for homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint by relying less on traditional energy sources.

When evaluating asphalt shingle replacement options, one should weigh the pros and cons associated with each choice including performance, cost efficiency, maintenance requirements and environmental impact before making a decision on which one best suits their needs.

Are There Any Special Requirements For Installing Asphalt Shingles In Michigan And Indiana?

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material choice for many homeowners due to their affordability, durability, and aesthetic appeal. When installing asphalt shingles in Michigan or Indiana there are certain requirements that must be met in order to ensure the longevity of the roof. Understanding these special installation requirements is critical when considering an asphalt shingle replacement project.

The first requirement is knowledge of the local building codes related to asphalt shingle installations in both states. In Michigan, Building Code Rule 408 requires that all roofs be constructed with two layers of 3-tab asphalt shingles with a minimum 4 inch exposure. Additionally, it is recommended that a waterproof underlayment also be installed underneath the shingles for added protection against moisture damage. For Indiana, Building Code Rule 803 requires that all residential buildings use five layers of laminated architectural grade asphalt shingles which have been tested and approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). It’s important to note that installation instructions should follow those found on the manufacturer’s label since each type of roof may require different tools and materials depending on its size, shape, slope, weather conditions, etc.

In addition to these state requirements, any contractor performing this work must adhere to applicable federal laws as well as comply with safety regulations set forth by OSHA and other governing bodies. This ensures adequate protection from potential hazards like falls and fires while working on the roof. Asphalt shingle replacements can often times be completed within one day but contractors still need to ensure they take proper precautionary measures during the process such as wearing protective gear at all times and avoiding contact between ladders or scaffolding and power lines. Taking into account local building codes along with relevant safety regulations will help make sure your next asphalt shingle replacement project goes off without a hitch.

What Type Of Maintenance Is Required For Asphalt Shingles?

Asphalt shingle maintenance is an important part of keeping a roof in good condition. Proper asphalt shingle care can help preserve the life of a roof and prevent future repair costs. Roof maintenance tasks should include inspections, cleaning, repairs, and regular upkeep. Shingle upkeep includes replacing missing or damaged shingles as well as caulking around pipes, vents, chimneys, and other areas of the roof. In addition to these basic steps, there are several tips that homeowners can follow for proper asphalt shingle maintenance.

Regularly inspecting the roof for damage is essential for maintaining its condition. Homeowners should look for signs of wear such as cracked or curled shingles; broken or loose flashing; and granule loss from aging shingles. Any visible evidence of damage should be investigated further by consulting a qualified contractor before attempting any repairs on their own. It’s also important to keep gutters clean so water doesn’t accumulate near the foundation or along eaves troughs where it could cause leaks into walls or ceilings over time. Furthermore, periodic sealing with approved products will help protect against damage caused by wind-driven rain and ice dams during colder months. Finally, regularly trimming trees away from the house helps reduce risk of branches falling onto the roof causing additional damage to your home’s exterior surfaces like siding and windowsills too. By following these simple tips for proper asphalt shingle care, homeowners can extend the lifespan of their roofs significantly while avoiding costly roof repairs down the road.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Replace An Asphalt Shingle Roof?

Replacing an asphalt shingle roof can be a lengthy process, depending on the size and complexity of the roof. Generally speaking, it typically takes anywhere from one to three days for an experienced roofer to complete a shingle replacement project. However, there are several factors that can impact this time frame such as:

  1. The type and amount of asphalt shingles being replaced
  2. The climate conditions in Michigan or Indiana during the installation period
  3. Specialty repairs needed prior to replacing the shingles
    The duration of a typical asphalt shingle replacement job may also vary by region due to varying regulations and standards set by local building codes in both Michigan and Indiana. In addition, certain types of materials used for the repair may require additional labor which could lengthen the timeline. Asphalt shingle replacement experts must possess specific knowledge regarding these requirements so they can properly install a new roof that meets all safety specifications while providing maximum protection against inclement weather. It is essential that any contractor hired has experience with installing roofs in Michigan or Indiana since each state has its own unique climate related considerations when selecting materials suitable for long-term performance. Furthermore, reputable contractors should have appropriate insurance coverage in place for liability purposes to protect customers if any damage should occur during the course of their workmanship. Taking into account all these elements will help ensure that your new asphalt shingle roof will last for many years without needing frequent maintenance or requiring costly repairs down the line.

Is There A Difference In The Cost Of Asphalt Shingle Replacement Between Michigan And Indiana?

When it comes to replacing an asphalt shingle roof, the cost of replacement can vary based on location. Specifically, there may be a difference in the cost of asphalt shingle replacement between Michigan and Indiana. To better understand this issue, here are some important details to consider:

  • Asphalt shingles are popular materials used for roofing due to their durability and affordability.
  • Replacing an asphalt shingle roof requires specialized knowledge and experience which can affect the overall cost of installation or repair.
  • Depending on the size and complexity of the project, as well as labor rates in each state, prices for asphalt shingle replacement may differ between Michigan and Indiana.

No matter where you live, it is important to research different contractors and compare quotes before selecting a service provider for your project. Different companies may have varying rates depending on their experience level and customer reviews. Additionally, local building codes should also be taken into account when looking at pricing in order to make sure that all work is done up to code standards. Finally, always ask questions about any warranties offered with the services provided so that you know exactly what kind of protection you will receive if repairs need to be made down the line.


Asphalt shingles provide a cost-effective solution for roof replacement and are generally considered to be environmentally friendly. Michigan and Indiana have their own set of requirements for installing asphalt shingles, so it is important to research local regulations before starting any project. Regular maintenance is essential in order to keep the shingles in good condition and protect against potential damage from weather conditions. Asphalt shingle roofs can typically be replaced within one day depending on the size of the home and number of layers that need to be removed. The cost of replacing an asphalt shingle roof may vary between Michigan and Indiana due to differences in labor costs or materials available locally.

Overall, asphalt shingle replacement provides many benefits such as quick installation and lower cost compared with other types of roofing options. However, homeowners should always consult local building codes and experienced contractors when deciding which type of material best suits their needs and budget. Properly installed asphalt shingles will last for years with minimal maintenance required, making them a great choice for those looking for long-term protection from the elements.


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