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Asphalt Shingles For Your Roof: Advantages By Next Day Construction And Roofing, Michigan And Indiana

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials used in residential and commercial construction. They offer a variety of advantages, from durability to flexibility as well as an array of aesthetic options. Next Day Construction and Roofing has been providing Michigan and Indiana with high-quality asphalt shingle installation services for over 25 years. This article will discuss the various benefits that come with choosing asphalt shingles for your roof.

Paragraph Two: Asphalt shingles are made out of a combination of organic felt paper, asphalt coating, mineral granules, fiberglass matting or other synthetic material which makes them highly durable yet flexible enough to resist cracking due to extreme weather conditions. The life expectancy of asphalt roofs is also quite long – generally 20-30 years depending on climate factors such as temperature extremes, humidity levels and amounts of rainfall or snowfall each year. Furthermore, their affordability compared to other types of roofing materials make them a great option for those looking for cost efficiency without sacrificing quality or longevity.

Paragraph Three: In addition to being both affordable and durable, asphalt shingle roofs offer homeowners a wide range of color choices allowing you to customize the look and feel of your home according to individual preference. With experienced technicians at Next Day Construction and Roofing who understand the unique needs associated with installing this type of roof covering, you can rest assured that any job done by our team will be completed quickly and efficiently while taking into account all safety regulations.

Types Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular roofing materials used in residential and commercial buildings. They come in a variety of styles, including architectural, dimensional, organic, laminated, and 3-tab. Architectural asphalt shingles have an additional layer of material on top to give them added texture and dimension for curb appeal. Dimensional asphalt shingles contain two layers bonded together with sealant that create a three-dimensional look on the roof surface. Organic asphalt shingles are made from recycled paper saturated with asphalt to provide superior flexibility. Laminated or “architectural” shingles also have multiple layers combined with special adhesive strips designed to resist cracking over time. Finally, 3-tab asphalt shingles are single layered units cut into tabs that allow each piece to interlock when installed correctly creating more stability against wind damage. Asphalt shingle roofs offer many advantages; let’s explore some of these benefits next.

Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are a popular roofing material choice among homeowners. As an affordable, durable option with many weatherproof advantages, asphalt shingles offer extended lifespan and excellent fire resistance for superior protection of your home’s exterior. They also provide aesthetic appeal that is attractive to any property.

When properly installed by professional contractors such as Next Day Construction and Roofing in Michigan and Indiana, asphalt shingles can last up to 50 years or more depending on the quality of materials used. Their durability benefits make them a great investment for both new construction projects as well as roof replacements. Furthermore, they are resistant to extreme temperatures from hot summers to cold winters which makes them ideal for various climates across the country. Additionally, asphalt shingles have been proven to protect against moisture damage caused by snow, rain and strong winds while maintaining their appearance over time without requiring frequent repairs or maintenance.

The combination of strength, affordability and longevity makes asphalt shingle roofs a cost-effective solution for residential homes looking for reliable protection against harsh elements. With this type of roof on your house you can rest assured knowing it has excellent fire resistant qualities as well as impressive visual appeal that will enhance curb appeal and add value to your home’s total resale value. Transitioning into the subsequent section about professional installation services provided by Next Day Construction and Roofing allows customers to take full advantage of all these features when having their asphalt shingle roofs replaced or newly installed.

Professional Installation Services

At Next Day Construction and Roofing, Michigan and Indiana customers can take advantage of professional roofing installation services. Our team is made up of experienced professionals who will provide quality workmanship to ensure that your shingle installation project is completed with the highest levels of accuracy. We offer a variety of roofing services in both Michigan and Indiana, including:

  1. Re-roofs
  2. New roof installations
  3. Storm damage repairs
  4. Hail damage repairs

Our skilled contractors are certified and insured, making them well equipped to handle any type of roof repair or replacement job you may have. Our technicians are also available on weekends for emergency situations should they arise. When it comes time to replace your current roof or install a new one, our team at Next Day Construction and Roofing provides high quality service from start to finish so that you can rest assured knowing that your home is protected from the elements year round by an expertly installed shingle system. Furthermore, we also strive to keep our prices competitive for all types of residential roofs throughout Michigan and Indiana area so as not to exceed budget expectations.

We understand how important it is for homeowners to choose reliable roofers when undertaking such a large investment into their homes, which is why Next Day Construction and Roofing employs only the best possible licensed contractors in both states to perform every job with attention to detail and precision craftsmanship – no matter what size or shape the home may be. With this level of commitment, customers can count on us for their upcoming projects involving any kind of construction or repair related needs pertaining to their rooftops in either Michigan or Indiana areas today! Transition sentence: Moving forward, cost considerations become increasingly important when selecting asphalt shingles for your roof…

Cost Considerations

When considering the costs associated with asphalt shingle installation, there are several factors to take into account. This table outlines some of the most important cost considerations for homeowners looking to install asphalt shingles on their roof:

Item Cost Considerations
Material Costs The price of materials such as asphalt shingles can vary greatly depending on quality and quantity purchased. Generally, prices range from $70-$90 per bundle or square foot.
Labor Costs Installation labor costs will also depend largely on size, complexity and difficulty of the job. On average, professional installation services may charge up to $200/hour plus additional material costs.
Taxes & Fees Depending where you live, you may be required to pay taxes and fees when purchasing materials or hiring a contractor for installation work. It is always wise to check with your local authority before beginning any project.

Therefore it is essential that budgeters plan accordingly in order to determine how much they need to spend before starting a project like this one. Taking these costs into consideration upfront allows homeowners to have an accurate estimation of what they need financially so that they can make informed decisions about their purchase decision and avoid future surprises along the way. With proper planning and preparation, installing asphalt shingles on your roof can be an affordable option for anyone looking for a durable roofing solution at an attractive price point.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance of asphalt shingles for your roof is key to ensuring an efficient and reliable system. Here are three tips from Next Day Construction & Roofing in Michigan and Indiana that can help you protect the longevity of your new roof:

  1. Preventative maintenance – Regularly inspect, clean, and repair any damage as soon as possible to prevent further damage or deterioration. Check for broken or missing shingles, cracks in flashing materials, moss growth on the roof surface, improper drainage systems, and other signs of wear and tear.

  2. Cleaning techniques – Clean debris off the roof regularly with a soft brush or blower to ensure proper air circulation beneath the shingles. Also look into algae removal products if there’s evidence of fungi forming on the roof. Use caution when using such products as they may be harmful to nearby vegetation or landscaping features.

  3. Shingle repair – After cleaning the area around damaged shingles, remove them carefully so no additional damage occurs to surrounding shingles or sealing material used between layers during installation. Then replace with appropriate matching manufacturer’s product following instructions provided by local building codes specific to your area.

By keeping up with regular maintenance tasks like these outlined here, homeowners can rest assured their roofs will remain safe and secure for years to come. Proper management of debris buildup along with timely repairs helps keep protective barriers intact against harsh weather conditions while reducing overall stress on the entire structure itself. It’s important to remember that warranties & guarantees often require routine maintenance at certain intervals in order for coverage terms to remain valid going forward–a factor worth considering when planning future projects involving asphalt shingle roofs!

Warranties & Guarantees

When it comes to roofing and construction, warranties are an important factor in making the right choice. Next Day Construction & Roofing offers you a variety of warranty options for both shingle roofs and other roofing services.

Our roofing warranties cover any defects caused by workmanship or material used during installation. Our shingle warranties provide coverage against manufacturing defects, such as cracking or granules coming off prematurely. Depending on your specific needs, we offer several different levels of coverage that can be tailored to meet your budget and desired level of protection.

We also guarantee our professional service with our construction guarantees – offering you peace of mind that your project is completed correctly and according to local building codes. If there is ever a problem with our workmanship, we will fix it promptly at no additional cost to you. We understand how important it is for you to have confidence in your roof’s integrity and longevity so all our shingle guarantees include extended manufacturer product warranties as well as labor warranties from us for full coverage.

At Next Day Construction & Roofing, we take great pride in the quality of the products we use and the craftsmanship of our installers so that you get dependable performance year after year. Whether it’s one small repair or a complete re-roof project, rest assured knowing that we stand behind every job done with solid warranties backed up by experienced professionals who deliver exceptional customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does An Asphalt Shingle Roof Typically Last?

When considering a roofing material, asphalt shingles are a popular choice. Not only do they come in various colors and styles to suit individual tastes, but they also provide great durability. But how long can you expect an asphalt shingle roof to last? With proper maintenance, an asphalt shingle roof typically lasts around 20-30 years before needing to be replaced.

The longevity of an asphalt shingle roof is largely dependent upon the climate it resides in, as well as its installation quality and regular maintenance schedule. Warmer climates tend to reduce the lifespan expectancy due to increased ultraviolet radiation exposure that causes wear on the material over time. On the other hand, colder climates may extend the length of time for which your shingles remain durable since temperature extremes don’t degrade them as quickly. The same goes for extreme weather events such as hail or heavy winds – if these occur too frequently within one area, it could lead to premature damage and reduced life expectancy of your shingle roof.

When installed correctly by licensed professionals with high quality materials and properly maintained throughout its lifetime, an asphalt shingle roof will offer homeowners protection from inclement weather conditions without having to worry about replacing their entire roof every few years. Knowing this information beforehand helps property owners plan out their budget accordingly so that they know when they need to start saving up for any future replacement needs that may arise down the line.

Can Asphalt Shingles Be Installed On Any Type Of Roof?

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice for residential roofs due to their durability, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. The current H2 question is whether asphalt shingles can be installed on any type of roof. It is important to understand the different types of roofs before making this decision.

Flat roofs are most commonly seen in commercial buildings but they can also be found in some homes or outdoor structures like porches and sheds. Asphalt shingles are not generally recommended for flat roofs as they tend to shed water quickly which may lead to damage from pooling. Additionally, there isn’t much room on a flat surface for proper installation of the asphalt shingle material compared with pitched surfaces that provide various angles for the installer to work with.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles do very well when installed on sloped or pitched roofs. This familiar look has been around since the 1920s and it continues to remain popular today. When properly installed, quality asphalt shingles will last between 15-30 years depending upon weather conditions and maintenance habits. With its long lifespan, attractive appearance, and cost effectiveness – installing asphalt shingle roofing systems on these types of rooftops makes them an ideal choice for many homeowners looking to upgrade their property value without breaking the bank account.

What Is The Best Type Of Asphalt Shingle To Use In My Area?

When choosing a roofing material, the type of asphalt shingle is an important consideration. Depending on the local climate and weather conditions, different types of asphalt shingles are more suitable than others. It is essential to determine what is the best type of asphalt shingle to use in any given area.

Asphalt shingles come in many varieties that can provide differing levels of protection from extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation, moisture, and other elements. Certain materials may be better suited for harsh climates or frequent storms; while others might withstand strong winds without damage or have impressive fire resistance ratings. Additionally, certain colors reflect heat better than others which makes them ideal for hot climates with plenty of sunshine. Ultimately, selecting the right type of asphalt shingle depends on understanding the climate and weather patterns specific to one’s location.

Michigan and Indiana homeowners should evaluate their local area’s climate when determining which asphalt shingle would offer them the highest level protection against various environmental factors such as snowfall amounts and temperature extremes. By considering all these factors carefully when deciding upon a roofing material, they will be able to choose a product that offers maximum performance over time regardless of their region’s unique weather conditions.

Can Asphalt Shingles Be Used In Cold Climates?

Can asphalt shingles be used in cold climates? Cold weather performance is an important consideration when installing any type of roof material, and asphalt shingles are no exception. Asphalt shingles can provide reliable protection from the elements in colder climates as long as they are installed correctly and maintained properly.

Asphalt shingle durability is critical for extended use in a cold climate. When shopping for cold climate asphalt shingles, look for products that offer strong resistance to snow and ice buildup as well as extreme temperature fluctuations. Additionally, many manufacturers now offer specialty lines designed specifically for harsher environments such as those found in northern regions or at higher elevations. These options often come with additional features like impact resistance or enhanced fire ratings. Investing in quality materials means your roof will last longer and perform better over time despite the challenges presented by more extreme temperatures and conditions.

One of the most important factors when it comes to protecting your home from harsh winter weather is proper installation of the product you choose. Poorly installed asphalt shingles can crack or delaminate due to excessive moisture penetration which can lead to premature aging, leaks, and costly repairs down the line. It’s always best to hire a reputable contractor who has experience working with cold climate asphalt shingles so you know your investment is protected against future damage caused by severe winter weather patterns.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Asphalt Shingle Roof?

How can I extend the life of my asphalt shingle roof? Asphalt is a popular choice for residential roofs due to its economical cost, durability and low maintenance. With proper care and maintenance, an asphalt shingle roof can last up to 25 years or more. The key to prolonging the life of a shingle roof lies in understanding how it works and taking the necessary steps to maintain it.

Maintaining an asphalt roof begins with regular inspections. Inspections should be conducted at least twice per year; once after each season has passed. During these inspections, check for signs of wear such as missing or cracked shingles, loose seals around vents or chimneys, or damaged flashing around skylights or valleys. If any damage is found during inspection, take action immediately by repairing or replacing damaged components before further damage occurs. Additionally, keep tree branches trimmed away from the roof line so that they do not cause additional wear on your shingles over time.

It is also important to clean debris off of your roof regularly. This will help reduce moss and algae growth which may eat away at the surface of your shingles over time if left unchecked. An annual professional cleaning may be beneficial depending on where you live and what kind of climate you experience throughout the year. Finally, consider investing in high-quality durable asphalt shingles when it comes time to replace them – this could potentially save you money down the road in repair costs due to their long lifespan and improved resistance against wind, hail and other weather elements common in Michigan/Indiana climates. Taking all of these steps will ensure that your asphalt shingle roof lasts for many years into the future with minimal repairs needed along the way.


Asphalt shingles are an excellent roofing solution for many homeowners. They provide a durable, attractive and cost-effective solution that can last up to 30 years or more if properly maintained. Asphalt shingles can be installed on any type of roof and come in a variety of sizes and colors to complement the aesthetic of your home. In cold climates, asphalt shingle roofs should be winterized to ensure maximum life expectancy. With regular maintenance such as clearing debris from gutters and trimming trees around the house, you can extend the life of your asphalt shingle roof even further.

Next Day Construction & Roofing is proud to offer expert installation services for asphalt shingle roofs in Michigan and Indiana. Our team will help you choose the best type of asphalt shingle for your climate and budget along with providing quality workmanship throughout the entire process. We understand how important it is for your family’s safety to have reliable protection against weather extremes so we use only top-rated materials designed specifically for our region’s harsh winters.

We know you want peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home from Mother Nature’s wrath; therefore Next Day Construction & Roofing stands behind all our installations with superior warranties on both labor and materials used during each project. Contact us today to learn more about how an asphalt shingle roof could benefit you!


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