Workmans Guarantee


The way to a lifetime of protection on your home!

1. Yearly Inspections

For the first five years, Next Day Construction & Roofing will complete a free yearly inspection to ensure the quality of our workmanship and the quality of the materials has held up against the elements. After fifth year; Next Day Construction & Roofing will complete a biannual inspection that is to be scheduled by the customer.

2. Peace of Mind

Not only will this prevent you from worrying about your roof but you can be comforted that the interior of your home is safe from all elements because you made the best decision in your homes history and invested in The Next Day Way Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee!

3. High Level Requirements Result in High Level Quality

Next Day Construction & Roofing's Owner and Production Foreman's Are "Select Shingle Masters" and are proudly credentialed as "Shingle Quality Specialists". All our installers are certified and credentialed "Master Shingle Applicators". That allows us to ensure that our installers have been trained and can install roofs, exceeding any and all MSA requirements and specifications.

The New Roofing System MUST include the following: A Minimum Landmark IL Shingle Choice System install using all required underlayment's and accessories Proper ventilation

4. Superior Material Requirements

We don't just install roofs; we install roofing systems! You can be confident in the fact that all the materials on your roof are made by the same USA located manufacturer. • By doing so you can be assured that our materials have passed all the amazing quality control procedures from the beginning (at the manufacturer) all the way to the install of your amazing new roof, to the very end when we file your warranty for you! We promise only the best!

5. Your Responsibilities to Ensuring the Longevity of your New Roof

  • For the first five years you will not have to worry about a thing, we will schedule an appointment within a sixteen-month window to ensure the roof is clean and safe of any and all potential issues.
  • After the sixth calendar year from completion date: we require the reoccurring inspection to be scheduled by the homeowner.
  • The roof must be kept clean, dry, and smooth. It must be free of dust and leaves to allow proper water flow or problems will occur.
  • We care and understand that not everyone can get up on their roof. Call us to schedule a $79.00 Roof Clean anytime.
  • We ask that only Next Day Construction & Roofing complete work on your roofing system as to not jeopardize the quality of our craftsmanship and your guarantee
  • We require that you keep as many trees and bushes from hanging over the top of touching roof surfaces as reasonably possible

6. We Will Do Most of The Legwork

We know how busy life can be, we will send a reminder and reach-out to you to try to ensure that you don't miss your inspections

Our goal is to ensure the safety and integrity of your biggest investment.

We will treat your home as our own because we guarantee Ft'

7. Transferability

This said contract is transferable; one time after said date, the purchaser must be related to said current owner by legal matters.

8. Welcome to the Next Day Construction & Roofing Family We want to welcome you to a lifetime of not only a guaranteed roof but a lifetime family to family relationship. We look forward to meeting your home improvement needs and wants for many years to come. Thank you for joining us in this life gifted to